Create a sports league with match days and table

I would like to create a sports manager simulation, very simple, with few options to prepare the team, without finances, just a team strength that varies based on training. When the week is over, it’s game day and the league plays against each other on game day. That should be simulated using probabilities, etc. My problem is: At the moment I have to create every game day for the entire season. Furthermore, it seems to me to be laborious to count the points together after each game day and to enter them in a table that I display using “labels”.

There are about 300 games to play and I’m afraid of the many blocks that I need with my knowledge of Kodular at the moment. The whole thing has to work OFFLINE.

There are many sports manager games and somehow there has to be an algorithm that can re-evaluate and read in the data for each game day.

So what you want?want to someone to create this app?then change the category:marcketplace.

At the moment I create the blocks for every single match day, but I am pretty sure, there is a simpler way. I just need some hints. thanks

Show your relevant blocks and perhaps someone will be able to simplify them.

I see, you don’t understand at all. If I have an idea about the relevant blocks, I already would have the problem solved.

I have to figure out myself.

Yes, there is an algorithm … but it has to be created … first inside your head … then the language (in this case Kodular) is chosen to generate the loop games between the teams of the groups. To generate victory and add the points, someone will have to end the game and then the algorithm will trigger either in the Kodular or in the database checking who had the highest score, the lowest or the tie (if possible) and then go and add to the year and season scoreboard points

Yeah thanks.
I am further and will keep going on. Maybe I will start with a small league with e.g. 4 teams or so to get into it.

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