Create a text field extension for a canvas

Can someone create an extension for me? There is a video and there is a link with part of the code for the extension. It’s important for me to be able to add about 5-10 texts to the canvas, change its size, font, text color, the same with the image. You can also make a variable border color around the text and image. Watch the video and the link to part of the code below. I think this extension will help many, not just me. If it’s not difficult for you, then help make this extension.

If someone takes up this task, please do it for the canvas and here with a frame like in the picture, so that you can change the size without using text fields, but using your fingers.

Link to code: How to create beautiful text stickers for Android - Uptech - Medium
Link to video:

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I need this kind of extension too.
Did anyone contacted u???

Not yet, more people are needed to write about it, then someone can help us.

Did you searched the community?

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Yes, I saw it, but I need exactly the extension that I talked about

Its not what he is asking for. its completely different thing

Yeah becz its major need in creating high quality apps i searched everywhere but didn’t find anything. May be some legendary extension developer come forward and do it

I have this extension and I messaged both of you.

We’re still looking for someone who can do it.