Create an new app builder like kodular

hi, i want know much it would cost create an new app builder like kodular ?

Cheapest I can think of: You would probably need a domain name ($15 annually) and hosting (this is very variable but I pay around $70 a year for a website I own). This is all assuming you don’t need the services of developers and you will do all yourself.
The App Inventor 2 sources are free. You can go to their forum and search how to get it. Kodular is not open source, so there’s no chance to get this same builder.


Cost in money, cost in knowledge, cost in time?

Cost in money: is expensive since you need to use Google Appengine at the moment as far is i remember.
Cost in knowledge: You got to have extensive knowledge of at least java to work with the source. Then HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc, etc.
Cost in time: It will take you weeks/months at least to get everything sorted out and running if this is the first time you are going to do this.


And questions about this should be asked on the App Inventor community. :appinventor:


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