Create Anti-foul words or bad words

Describe: I want to have a feature in comment feature which if user use any foul or bad words it will replace by asteris (******)

What I done…
I create a list of foul/bad words…

When button click,
if list in the thing (textbox)
in list (Badlist)
then (replace the specific foul text into ***) proceed commenting
Else proceed commenting…

Issue: foul words not replace into asteris…

Im quite not confident with blocks i use. dont work… please share what im missing here our lay your own method. Thank you and i will appreciate it…

Please show your blocks.

here… please share some mehod or correct my blocks… thank you

Try using if list contains piece review text then

Those are not all your blocks. Right click in the block editor and click download blocks as image.

If I am not wrong then is in list? returns true or false.
So how true or false can be in a text?
Here is something for you: