Create billing per api in the app

Can I use a billing api in my app other than Google Play’s billing or will my app be banned from the play store?

This is not a Kodular related question so you shouldn’t be asking here. Search Google or ask them directly.

However, as far as I know all billing has to be through Google’s Play Billing. That’s how they take a cut. But don’t use Kodular’s billing component as it’s out of date, use a free or paid extension instead.

No you’re free to use any billing api but
It’s better to use Google Play Billing, use this extension, I personally have used it and it’s working perfectly!

"Google Play’s billing system is required for developers offering in-app purchases of digital goods and services distributed on Google Play."Understanding Google Play’s Payments policy - Play Console Help Does this pose no risk when using the payment api? The biggest reason I don’t want to use Google Play’s billing system is its high commission rate.

It seems like there are conditions, for in-app purchases you’ve to use google’s billing system, and for purchasing physical items and all, you can’t use it

So, It depends on you what you’re offering

You’re compelled to use it if you’re offering in-app purchases

In my case, I use a monthly recurring billing API for customers to use a store management system in my app. Can I use the API instead of the Google Play billing system?

No, you can’t use any other API as it’s clearly a case of digital service.

Alternatively, if you can create your own system to charge users outside of your app like in Netflix. Then you can do that!

I understand, in this case, Netflix sends an email with the link to the site and so the customer has access to the subscription plans. Could this be done within the application by adding a web viewer and directing to the site within the application?

Netflix probably has special permission from Google to do what they do. Instead of asking advice from people here you should ask Google directly. They can give you a 100% correct answer.

Be aware, if what you propose is possible everyone would be doing it, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

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