Create horizontal arrangement in dynamic components

I made a card template on Adobe XD and I want to create it on Kodular.
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I have to use Dynamic Components extension and I’d like to create dynamically a Horizontal Arrangement into the card to put “Nome” and “Cognome” at the right of the number.
I tried, but if there’s an arrangement, the text doesn’t display in the card… if I try removing the arrangement, the text becomes visible.

How can I do?

Please help me IT’S URGENT!

Adjust the dimensions of your arrangement that are inside the card view.
Adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of your CardView and Hor Vert Arrangements
Height and width.


  1. create first card layout in HA or VA
  2. Create HA inside the cardview
  3. Create a label in the HA
  4. create VA next to the label in the HA
  5. create two label in the VA
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Urgent ? :thinking:
I’ve been configuring Apache + Framework for 3 days and I haven’t finished yet.:scream:


Perfect, I found the problem: if you want to show any dynamic components into a dynamic Horizontal/Vertical Arrangement,
:x: DON’T set the width/height to percent…
:white_check_mark: set it to pixel number/-1/-2

Thanks to all for sending me the structure of the card! :smiley:

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