Create Images of Components and Screens | [FREE] Extension ComponentToImage

The extension store files to ASD and you can input the saving path.

You can move the files to required folders with files component.

And it would be better to write issues in respective post’s.

Thank you

tell me how? I’ve been trying all day to save a component as an image. but saved in a hidden folder

Very useful extention, thanks to the creator. I have some problem when I combine first picture and QR code picture. When in normal condition, QR code are visible but the first picture are low resolution. I was enable option high quality image in Screen1 the result are : first picture in high resolution, but the QR code are not visible. Anyone can solve my problem?

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Yes you can cntct @beastunknown2166 on tlgram for layout to image quality option based aix

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After update kodular 1.5.5 this block is not working. How to fix it? please help me.


ComponentTo Image dont work with Api < 29

Ill check, but it should work :confused:

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Now I check in other tablet

It was stop working from 00:00 today, maybe you are programing it with any time period? :roll_eyes: Over all, thanks for your extension, It is awesome, I hope you can check is there is problem or maybe it is from the new upgrade, I don’t know. Don’t set period please :grin:

Confirm, ComponentTo Image dont work with Api < 29

Thank you for this extension.
I created image of a Horizontal arrangement and able to show it by using when created event and filePath as an input . Now I want to use this picture/image in my html code to show it in a pdf (Webview). I am unable to do this. Kindly Help… Thanks alot.

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Has anyone got a solution? I noticed that on some cell phones they work and on others they don’t…

That’s why the image saving can’t work because the assigned directory is not found.
e.g.: The Picture Component folder doesn’t exist yet so it will not work.

someone please help me, how to convert component to image, and share to whatsapp, like bank transfer proof, or bill issuance… thanks