Create real video delay

Do you think it is possible to make a deferred viewing application with Kodular like this example?

The child launches and comes to watch a few seconds after what he has done without handling anything on the tablet…

If so, would you have any ideas for initiating reflection on this project?

Yeah i think it’s possible. But it’s need proper time and research and implement this thing.

And as i am thinking that on arrangement will record the video and other will be play the video but after some delay which you can add throw clock. Try by yourself you can definitely do it.

Search on google how to make such an app.

Then translate what you find into Kodular blocks. If you get stuck show us what you tried and someone may be able to help you.

Thank you for your first feedback…but that doesn’t help me any further. If I could have found something on the net to help me do this project on kodular, I probably wouldn’t have gone through the forum but I would have directly shared my production… if anyone ever has any concrete proposals , I’ll take it :wink:

I found a project that does exactly that…now integrating it into Kodular is beyond me at the moment.