Create Row in Spreadsheet

Hi, I’ve trying to store a few details in an airtable, using the following code.


The API Key, Base ID and column names are correct. A total of 8 columns are there.

Column Q_No. though, has an auto-number format. I’ve tried passing values of 7 columns (excluding value for Q_No.) as well as 8 values, but the code isn’t working & nothing gets stored in the airtable.

Please help :frowning:

Don’t use autonumber. Better use a global No, you could also save it to tinyDB if you wish to continue counting each time you restart your app

Or with tinyDB

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Since the column has the type auto-number, wouldn’t it work if I don’t pass on the value…?

I believe No, instead of autonumber set it to number

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hmmm… I think, I’ll try a few things before doing what you have suggested…

I was mistaken, just test it. If you use autonumber then use only 7 column names. Do not use Q No. because it will be created automatically


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Also, Is your airtable column names exactly matches with the name that you use in the block? if not that also may create problem, and add any value here and try once again


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The column names are correct, I didn’t have to put the column name in .CreateRow column Names block as I wasn’t passing the value for that column.

That worked :+1:

Thanks both of you, specially @dora_paz

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