Create space within items in colin tree list view

This is my list view with Colin tree list view.

I want to create equal spaces in between column 2nd and column 3rd values.


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You can do…
Put points before the name…

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But i want 3rd value after name.


First value is user rank
2nd user name
3rd user score.

I want these values like this:

Rank (space) User name (space) Score

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Now it’s difficult to do that…
Ok let me try if any logic works…


Also, i tried to get 3rd values as Colin tree list view Extra button text, but its not working.

Same value is appearing for every list item extra button text.

I think each value for each list item is not supported by Colin tree list view.

It is in the designer section where you get space height type something


No, its not available in designer section.

Okay so try to use any other list view

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Same result he will get in every list view…

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We can control divider height, eliment height, text alignment but in my case i want to create within a list item.

Try this

No, you did not get my problem. Divider height is to control height between two items.


If we fix the user name that is 2nd value text length to fixed for certain limits then its possible to seperate 2nd and 3rd value with same space.

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But if we do so… We want different font size for each name. If we use dynamic arrangements & label then it may be possible to create such cool look score board…

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No need to set different font size for each name, if we fix the length of user name text then it also work.

But have to build this logic.

I have already tried this.

When used dynamic card view, its not possible to get these 3 values horizontally.

When used dynamic arrangements, we can not create multiple arrangements according to ID.

@Alapjeet can you look on this topic

How to set text limit in label component

Problem is solved! :heart_eyes:

I used two different colin tree list view in a horizontal arrangement, one for rank and user name and second for user score!

Now, i can modify it as i want.
Thanks everyone.

May I know he was you did this…

Just did this.


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