Create url for your own app how to do?

First of all, I must say that other topics other than applications coded in Cominity cannot be created.
I have to ask moderators to add this as a discussion @peter @Boban

yes let’s get to the point now

I want to create a special deep link for my application, I searched for a little bit but could not find a solution
After the create from the mobile application button is triggered, auto. creates a link random and every user clicking on this link connects to that room in my application how can I do this

I know this can be done with the deep link extension, but I get stuck in the link creation section.
Does anyone have any suggestions for this? We need to give an example for those who do not understand

How can I create such urls and I need to be able to open them directly in my application.

and make it automatic

I think it is possible there were such applications

thank you


This is what I found on youtube.This guide I found may be in hindi. So

I will make a guide tomorrow in this topic.

If you make a guide where you use an extension from Deephost it will not be accepted.

Also @FIKIR_KUMESI if you yourself are using an extension from Deephost this topic is also not allowed.

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I think there is an extension by @vknow360 , that is opensource. Add deep link support in app - Extension Development - MIT App Inventor Community

I will be using this opensource for the tutorial.

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I am not using the Deep Host extension
thank you