Created Wallpaper App and get Error on Open

please help me anyone for that please

I create wallpaper app but when i open my app in test mode then this error i face [ Select list item: Attempt to get item number 0, of the list (2.jpg 3.jgp 4.jgp 5.jgp 6.jgp 7.jgp 8.jgp 9.jgp 10.jgp 11.jgp 12.jgp 13.jgp 14.jgp 15.jgp 16.jgp 17.jgp 18.jgp 19.jgp 20.jgp 21.jgp 22.jgp 23.jgp 24.jgp 25.jgp 26.jgp 27.jgp 28.jgp 29.jgp 30.jgp). The minimum valid item number is 1. Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds. ] please help me for that

here is my blocks

First of all, .jgp images doesn’t exist so they can’t load for sure…

Secondly, I think you can’t do this : initialize global image_list to make a list

You have to do that : initialize global image_list to create an empy list

And then when screen starts, you do as follow : set global image_list to make a list


please show me in blocks,

see my full blocks

Best way to see what’s happening in the code right-click and do it see tip 4 Top 5 Tips: How to learn App Inventor

How about using correct format name for your images.


As the Error text is trying to tell you.

This will never fire, you should use add up in that case…



That title gave me a headache.


Fixed title.