Creating a Custom Search Bar

Extension Upgraded.

Still same answer…

From where i can get ColinTreeListvlView extension

Try to search in the community.
You will find this:-

Bro This app is not developed on Kodular It is developed with Android Studio

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what is this find click do? is that button

Sir i did what you told me, but I’m getting a problem :sweat: when their is nothing in textbox it still shows listview.
Please watch the video.

Here are my blocks.

@fabioes @vknow360 @yusufcihan If you have time, please test my aia, test.aia (277.4 KB)

Don’t know if this is what you want SearchBarTest.apk (5.1 MB)


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I have exhausted my daily data, will try it at 12pm​:blush:

I tried to do this it didn’t work as I expected it to work need some more work in this actually was testing some easy way to search items from spreadsheet.

searchbar (1).aia (64.5 KB)


I really appreciate your help. Thank you. may God bless you and your family. I was searching it from last 2 months​:innocent::innocent::innocent:
Will you provide me .aia?

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@Boban it is really appreciable.

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I don’t know why @Boban didn’t send me the aia​:sweat:

How old are you? Why not just be patient and be glad that someone is willing to help you. Next time @Boban will think twice before helping you.

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I’m 18 years old,

This sentence is in my every post​:sweat:
Sir actually from tomorrow my exam will start, i want to complete my work today​:pensive:

of course

I waited for answers from you first which came


at that time I was on my way to work and I couldn’t send it through the mobile because I have accidentally destroyed the aia :cry:

I’ll puzzle it together shortly

P.S However, I’m on lunch break and don’t know if I have time



Ok thanks bro
@Mika close the topic

SearchBarTest1.aia (279.0 KB)