Creating list in list picker

I have a database in google sheet.

In which there are about 15 columns like company, category, model, …

I wish to have a list picker which is dependable…

Like if I select “COMPANY A” then the category list picker should show me the unique list from the category list where the company is COMPANY A

Company A

  • category 1
  • category 2
  • category 3

When I pick COMPANY B

  • category 1
  • category 3
  • category 5

Can someone help…

Do you know how to get values from googlesheet to app? If so it will be easy for me to explain you in a easy manner (i hope)

Ya I know … With csv table

can you show model of ghseet? no need to show real one.

showing error when i am trying to paste the data

the error is

Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

try like this<your shee id>/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&gid=<gid number>

So it will show in a list picker1, name of colum A. If you pick it will list all the content under col A
the same will happen for col B too. And you an adjust from this as you like

this is what i was trying

yes not clear… Actually what you wnna try? Did you try as i give the block above?


Actually you are getting company_T list later only but before that you are checking in list picker 1. surely it will give you error. If you wanna compare really then get such elements first in any variable then try to compare. it will work

For better performance use airtable and call values from airtable it’s my sugestion as i found airtable more easy and best you can export your project in csv form google spreadsheet and then import it on airtable

there is limit issue in airtable (1200 rows) hence using google sheets…

Ok i got your problem

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