Creating professional Kodular apps with 3D integration

  1. What are some techniques and best practices for integrating 3D models into Kodular apps? Are there any specific file formats that work better than others? How can I ensure that my 3D models are optimized for mobile devices and won’t negatively impact the performance of my app?

  2. Are there any specific components or extensions that work well for creating 3D experiences in Kodular? How do I integrate these components into my app, and are there any special considerations I should be aware of when using them?

  3. How can I optimize the performance of my Kodular app when using 3D models? Are there any particular strategies I should use to reduce the impact of 3D graphics on my app’s overall performance, such as caching or preloading?

  4. What are some examples of successful Kodular apps that utilize 3D integration? Can you provide some case studies or examples of apps that have effectively integrated 3D models or graphics into their user interfaces?

  5. Are there any particular programming languages or tools I should learn to better understand 3D integration in Kodular? Are there any online resources or tutorials you would recommend for someone just starting out with 3D integration in Kodular?