Creator can not open project - Page unresponsive

Kodular can’t open project because page unresponsive?

If in Mobile then
Use Desktop Mode!

Welcome to community. Most probably error related to internet connection speed. Also how big is your projects? How many assets ?

Maybe the project contains too many blocks. What is the block count of that project?

Are you using your kodular in mobile or desktop

I use Kodular in Desktop

How big is your project ? Upload it to and post a screenshot of Summary

Just one question
Are you getting any error there
If yes then send the screenshot

If you wish you can upload aia here or pm me your project to test it

what is your pc specifications

my old pc too show page unresponsive because my app project have a lots of blocks

now it won’t show any more i buyed new one

I use kodular in desktop.

Sorry, I don’t think Kodular can open the project.

Yes we understood your problem but as I said, either


Otherwise no one can help you

Also there is no need to open project in order to download it. Just open creator, and when you see the project that has problem just press download. Are you experiencing this behavior with other projects or only this speific one ?


Yes follow accordingly as @dora_paz said

try using other browser like microsoft edge