CropImage extension issue on Huawei Mate 20 Lite and Xiaomi Note 9 Pro

I created an app that has a function for choosing images from the smartphone gallery for positioning them in the app.
It works, except on some devices (such as Huawei Mate 20 Lite and Xiaomi Note 9 Pro) where the aforementioned function does not work, and even causes the following error:

“Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘ ()’ on a null object reference”

How can I solve? Here are the blocks I use to take the images and place them in the app

are you able to pick an image using the image picker without using the crop method on these devices?

unfortunately without the cropimage extension, I cannot crop a perfect square and modulate it with my finger on the screen without totally distorting it (I need that whatever way you set it with your finger, it always stays square).
Is there any way to achieve this same effect without the extension?

unfortunately you did not answer the question

you have to find out, if the extension is the issue or not

Yes, I’m able to pick an image without the crop method of the extension.
I’ll try without it.

ok great… and who is the author of that extension? you could ask that author to check this…
meanwhile you might want to use an alternative extension…

PS: I will adjust the title of this thread…

I don’t know the author of the extension, I’ll try alternatives anyway.
Thanks for the title correction and the support.

as far as I can see, you used this extension by @Ahmad_matr

@Ahmad_matr might want to check this issue…