Current location access in custom webview

Hi Kodulars !
I made an app with using custom webview extention where my website is asking for current location. Also used Custom Weview user loccation TRUE. Still it is just showing circular process and doing result nothing.
Could You please help me out on this ?

Location Permissions granted ?

How to grant please give me some example .

From blocks section

Please search in community and also check the extension thread.

Oooo… Sunny ji gr8 to get response from you. Thank you so much. I am trying to do as per your instruction.

That I know it is in block but how to ? plz guide if you can. Thanks for your help.

Read the extension thread from the beginning (yes, it is a long theead) until you find the contribution, which describes the blocks to use

And after you found it, you might want to post the link here in this thread, so next time we will find the solution faster…


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Yours welcome

It assumes that you have location access allowed.

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