"Custom Dialogue" works sometimes and sometimes not

I have created a Custom Dialogue to show a recommendation (with a global counter), but it only works in certain specific conditions, I explain it in two cases:

  1. If I install the app for the first time and immediately click on the Side Menu - SmartBook FARO the dialog box opens without any problem, until here it works correctly.

  1. If I install the app for the first time and start to open other links of the app from the Side Menu, then I try to open the option of SmartBook FARO this does not open, this is my problem. I think my problem is in the global variable “counter_web” but I didn’t know what it is, any suggestions?

My intention with the global variable “counter_web” is for the user to see the Custom Dialogue only once, that is, the second, third, fourth … once he goes to SmartBook FARO this box does not appear.

Next I show my blocks.


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I guess you haven’t shared the right blocks as here three the sockets are empty-string s but not in the video.

Hello @Robert, el component Comunicado_Chrome is a vertical arrangement, there is the writing and button.

Are you switching screens properly


@Boban, this is the solution thank you very much, it also solved another problem that my app had.

I thank you with all my heart, in addition to @Mika, @Taifun and Tribblehunter for the dedication and effort.

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