Custom download extension

This extension is use for opening pdf file using assest folder

Like this

pls sgest me any other way to open .pdf

Which extension?

any extention for pdf . you can use

Is it really that difficult to answer this question: Which extension is it?

It is deephost pdf extension

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in app pdf viewer from deep host

This extension is about asd directory and pdf view extension needs assets directory

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There may be bugs there, but we are not discussing any extensions from DH here.

How i can open pdf in app using DownloadToAsd ???

You can’t able to open pdf files to this pdf extension because pdf extension wants pdf from assets

Copy the downloaded PDF file from the ASD to one of the Shared folders (e.g.: /Download) and use Activity starter to pick it from there. Because you can no longer pick a file from the ASD on devices with Android 11+.

Note: The ASD is no longer visible on devices with Android 11+.


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@mr_Yash Do not ask anyone to send you an extension who has not created it themselves.


I’m so sorry

You can download it from deephost app because these are made by deephost

Thank you. :innocent: