Custom Marker For Google Maps [PAID]

Thanks @D_Apps :smiley:

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Superb inbox me I want to make a apps by you

I have messaged you.

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Hey @gilberto
Check my message,We can talk there about buying.

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Good extension. But price is too high for India.

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@Rogerio_Rios It’s one large pizza + one medium pizza + 2.5Ltrs. of Coke = ₹900 in India. Hope now you can imagine!


Depends person by person…you can’t decide different price for every person or every country.

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Sure. But your extensions are expensive for most of Indian devs.

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How did you load that 3d image?

Hello Atom_Developer,
thanks for this great Extension, but how can I check if a marker ID exists without clicking on a marker?
I miss “Get all Marker IDs”. Is there any other way?


Just store the I’d in a list when you add it and use is in list block to check if given I’d was added

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:roll_eyes: sorry beginner mistake :roll_eyes: :joy: :joy: Thanks!

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I need this extension, how do I buy

nice extension @Atom_Developer !!

Hi @Marco_Gama welcome to the community !!!
Your Trust Level = 0 and you can’t send PM ( Personal Message ) to the develover.
Anyway keep check your messages i’m shure @Atom_Developer send PM to you with all the necessary info to buy the extension.

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I really like this extension but I also miss this.
It would make things much easier for me.