Custom Message Dialog (Title)

It worked for me when I use default properties:

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Try to set text and title colour to white as well

It looks like the project is a dump one, could you send the AIA so I may look into it?

Yes sure

TestNotifier.aia (1.6 KB)

btw I found out that if there’s no icon, the title will disappear. Strange​:thinking:

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What should go in “icon” ? I tried with a name from but it did not work out.

Another issue is if the Title text color is set to default or white the title isn’t visible. And this does not depends on icon’s presence.

@Jfdsb Try set the title color to light grey temporarily. :point_down:



Wow thank you very much!!! You are awesome.

By the way, i don’t know if I should place this question here but is there any way to do any action after “OK” is pressed? Because I tried with several components and none of them work. However I can use Custom Message dialog now and I know that there is a component for that one. Just curiosity on this one. THANKS!

Custom Message is just for showing a custom message. If you want that some action should be performed after user’s choise then you can try Custom Choose Dialog :point_down:

After the user makes choice above, Got Custom Choose Dialog event will be raised where you can decide what action to be performed based on user’s choice


Nice you have completely ignored my post :slight_smile:

No, if you see first screen that was already done :frowning: text and title color were already white. Sorry not to answer

This :point_up: also doesn’t helps :point_down:

In Companion or Apk? :thinking:
Because these properties (default) work for me in Comapnion.


Nope, this doesn’t seems to work in companion. I have not tried with apk. Also I created the project from scratch this time but same result

Maybe android version issue.
I am using 5.0 (Memu)
Which one are you using?

Android 9.0

There are a lot of issues with Android Pie.
Maybe it is one of them.
Let me test once again…

I didn’t get you quite clearly. Which are the other issues?

Most of them are with extensions.
For example you can’t use file:// uri in Intent (Activity Starter).

Surprisingly most of the problems are only with my extensions :sweat_smile:

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