Custom pdf/invoice creater

ok i’ll post when i edit aia and removed personal contents…tommoro update post with apk link


Really Interesting Want To Know About Blocks That You Have Used

No, i can achieve this without server also.
Let’s don’t make this topic lengthy .

I did not understand. Are you responding to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:? I’ve already posted how I might be able to do it (post above).
I already work with TCPDF. :grin:
But the way he did … I will not burn my neurons :crazy_face:

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u can do this by many ways
by html code on webviewer then capture body part as pdf and save…
by json code
by java
in short " a lot of and complex blocks…soo if u use android studio its better than kodular…

intresting and shocked thing is that… u can edit desigend pdf as u want unlimited no limit u can change every thing even after app completed created

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Waiting for aia. Looks Something very Interesting

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Ahm… Amazing work
U r doing really great… :+1:

i"ll provide…but after some time when fully done…at this tym facibg some little bugs

Thank you very much

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Active Starter :crazy_face:+ FTP + File Component + Web Component + Html + Library generate PDF on Server.
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :rofl:

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nice but in my app…
no ftp
no html
no php
no web component
no live generate pdf server…

It’s raining a lot here in the city … so … I had nothing to do and I took the test … when I need it I have it ready … :thumbsup:
I already use this library to generate PDF on the web site. So…

only 3 block use…
1st button click action
2nd webviewr
3rd downloader

A big logic behind this…i"ll post for everyone in coming 3,4 days

? webview ? A visible component that for viewing Web pages. ?

no webviewr non visible in whole app…no need to set it to visible

I also waiting to your aia

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sooon i"ll upload… :star_struck:

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I still waiting.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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