Custom SideMenu Is Not Scrolling With Dyanmic Component Lists

Hello Respected Koders …,

I Was Created A Custom SideMenu & I Create A Lists With Dynamic Compoent Extension

The SideMenu Layout Isn’t Scrolling…!

Help Me Here Koders… :innocent:

Thank You… :relaxed:


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Kindy Show Your Blocks So that we Can Find the Error

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Yes Posted Can You Check Please…!

Thank You :blush:

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It’s because you are creating a vertical scroll arrangement(Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement3) inside another vertical scroll arrangement(Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement2) :point_down:

Just use a simple vertical arrangement instead of Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement2


You can create your list directly in Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement2.
No need to create an extra vertical scroll arrangement.

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I Tried Two Methods But Its Not Working :pleading_face:

Your shown 1st method(which is not the same as i said) will not work since you are creating a scroll arrangement inside other scroll arrangement.

But the second method should work :thinking:

Can you post a sample aia? I may check it later

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Hey i did it by placing vertical scroll handler with Register scroll view

WORKING :heart_eyes:

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