Custom Tab Ads Interstitial

Hi everyone. Good morning
Today, I have a query regarding Ads on Custom tabs.
I have been searching for this topic but I couldn’t find about my concern.

While I am searching for suitable block to display ads in custom tab. I couldn’t find a block which will be perfect. So, I choose a block but it is having one empty in the first. Which that empty block I am getting a error. So, could you please me out and share your thoughts.

First, say what you want to achieve with this.

Second, you are getting the error bc you are not definng what the if tag should do, you must fill in the socket.



Do not use if then else block simply load ad and custom tab

When I click on List View 1
I need to first get Admob Interstitial and then open custom tab link.

Yes, you’re right. I am getting an error because I have not filled the If tag. But, my question is I am unable to add any blocks in the socket. If, I keep any sockets, It is not working.

@Sravan_kumar first show ad then use custom tab

Hi Techno vedang.
I have tried that too, but it didn’t work!


Read this
You can not place intertitial ad by pressing or clicking on any btn or activity

But, I am getting ads for my another app when I click List view. These are the blocks I used in that app.


Hi there! Help me to sort this problem. This is a new question, hope I will find answer