Customizable Push Notifications

Hey Guys,

I would love to see the notifications of chat messages only
when the user is not in that chat room.

I also like to be able to switch between full screen and small
notifications while the app is running.

I didn’t ever used this component but in “Experimental” there’s one named “Notifications”, maybe it can be useful as it seems very customisable, but I’m quite sure it doesn’t work if the app is closed, you should use OneSignal’s component if you want to use push notifs is app is closed

I currently use OneSignal. Unfortunately the component seems to work only locally on the phone and not with the OneSignal connection. Thanks a lot anyway.

Try this extension -


also u need api for using onesignal

Check this guide : )

Try this extension -

That’s a good idea. Unfortunately, this does not work together with Onesignal.

Check this guide : )

That is not my problem. I receive all messages from Onesignal, but they are always displayed very large when the user is in the app. I’ll try to take screenshots soon.