CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Nice extension
but i have a trouble accessing the phone camera, the webview aks for the permission “android.webkit.resource.VIDEO_CAPTURE”

but the old block GrantPermission is missing in this version
:point_right:blocks (1)

i already have this perms granted

Exceptional Work

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Thank you for pointing out this missing permission :heart_eyes:
Some permissions were added later and now websites using those permissions need access to Video and Audio capture.
I will add those permissions in v8 :+1:
But for now if anyone wants to it to work then he/she can append these permissions in @UsesPermissions and compile the source.
Required permissions:


Thank you :hugs:


awesome thanks

i using v4 for now, i will try to compile later “never compiled mit ext” with the extras perms

But why are you using v4 :thinking:
Any special reason?

Can anyone try to check that desktop mode is working or not. I have tried but it’s not working. I just want it confirm it.

sorry, i cant find grant permission, where I can be looking for?

That block has been removed in latest version of extension. If you need that you would have to use older version.

Because the lack of permissions as i mencioned :grin:

i open a issue in github also :laughing:

The software are under testing phase and only thing i need is the video on screen for tests, when i come to production phase i switch to new version

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its it! using V5

i dont know if it is useful

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I really don’t know that I have removed that method :sweat_smile:
I appreciate your efforts @Luis_CGF :clap: :+1:

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why it is blinking please fix it

Post that file here.

I need a help, i have a query that i place one web viewer for several buttons…
So when i click on button and go to web view url then after that i press home and come to homescreen then click on another button then web viewer shows that previous url before start loading!!!
So how i can do that web viewer when click on home it clear web viewer like when i click the button 1st time!!!
Means a white screen in starting!!

When user want to go back on home screen then pass a empty string in webview url.

Can please suggest me the block of custom web viewer?


Use Go to url block and in url pass a empty string to show whit screen.

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Sorry i don’t know how to pass the empty string
Can please send me the block image!!

Empty string means use the text block and don’t type anything in that block.
Currently I am on mobile.