CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Sorry i don’t know how to pass the empty string
Can please send me the block image!!

Empty string means use the text block and don’t type anything in that block.
Currently I am on mobile.

Okay i got it thank you!!

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@vknow360 youtube is not working in this udate

Please elaborate more.
watch it
and desktop mode is not working

Directly post the video here.

Or change in setting who can watch the video

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i tried but failed

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you can never put ads in browser apps.

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Its Working fine with me.

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Can I Load Deep Links With This Extension But I Want To Load Links Of Only A Specific Domain Or Subdomain.

You can check it on screen initialize. Use Start Value to check whether its the url you want.

You Did Not Got My Point. I Want To Load Deep Links

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@vknow360 can answer specificly what you want.

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I am unable to understand what you want to say.
But ,
When progress changes then you can check if webview is loading specific URL or not.

I Want This Type Of Event
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Probably you are confused between deep links and deep linking.
Do you want to open your app when user visits specific website or URL in browser?

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