D wallpapers - Unlimited free wallpaper (Free .aia)

Wallpaper App

It is very simple and user friendly UI wallpaper app with unlimited wallpapers!

I have been getting too much request for .aia so why not, im making it open source for everyone!


You are welcome to change/edit anything using the aia i gave. but you can’t sell or publish to playstore without my permission


Screen 1

Animation loading

Explore 6 categories

Unlimited wallpapers

New components used
*Lottie (New)
*Side menu layout (New)

Want to try out?

Download Apk:

Wallpapers via David.apk (7.4 MB)

Download Aia: Wallpapers via David.aia (604.0 KB)

Thanks Kodular


Very cool app :+1:
Keep going!

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I really liked your app but I will have some suggestions for you:

  • Can you make the buttons’ background color white and not do only borders, with a text color of black? This way it may look a bit more Material.
    (If you think the wallpaper will be covered with the buttons, you can consider creating a complete background color to the back of the app gray, and centering the wallpaper with margins from every side with the buttons out the wallpaper.)

  • Can you set up a db including the wallpapers and make a tabbed store feature so we can download new wallpapers and set them? …and see new wallpapers without needing to update our app, you will just need to add new wallpapers to the db so the app will update and get new wallpapers from the db every time we open it.
    (I know this may seem a bit hard to do, but if you do some research on it, this may be the best wallpaper app made using Makeroid :wink: Just saying.)

  • Can you remove the dot (".") you put after the “Checking connection” label on the dialog title?

  • Can you add a dot (".") after the “Successfully set as your wallpaper” label on the snackbar?

That’s it, congratulations so much on your app :tada::tada:


thank you very much. i will implement this in next update :facepunch::+1:


Wallpaper app first version (1.0) is here. the version is 1.0 after update coz it were not in store which is now available in makeroid store! version change starts from next update!

Whats New

  • Removed view flipper to lower app size
  • added makeroid branding in Screen 1
  • Fixed bug were .png are not shown
  • Performance improved

Suggestion update implemented

Next update Aim

  • Select category option
  • An option to manage downloaded images
  • Daily wallpaper automatically change feature(required run in background)

New Update screenshot

Store Link

If you want to help me updating my project than please don’t hesitate to reply.


Can anyone help me to implement this?


This does not require the background if you know what to do (Me.)

I could help with this.

show some blocks to help me and explain

Are they JPG’s or PNG’s?

I need to have the physical project to understand and help.

jpg and png both r there

Finally, finished version is out!

This update includes
*Updated UI
*Categorized option(still working)
*card view style(NEW)
*more 800 wallpapers(NEW)
*updated branding
*fixed image were not shown
*improved performance

also includes







Thanks for being here

Special thanks to @anon3837068, @TurboProgramming and Makeroid

Test apk: Dwallpaper.apk (6.4 MB)


anyone know a website where i can get wallpapers with category?

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Just as example:

All I done was input:
wallpapers categories

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i’m heaving trouble that’s why i asked. i know how to use google also hope many of us here have created similar app

Then why dont you search on google?!

There are so many results when I type in: wallpapers

I dont know why you don’t search for yourself.

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can i get aia

@Shama_s_App_In yes, pm for that.

Next update sneak peek #2

Screen1 working on more improvements
Sidebar a better side bar with more options/settings
Categories image show according to category is now work
FAB floating action button to refresh the images in category view
Image request feedback option to add wallpapers via users
Auto update implemented auto update feature(via me)

See you soon :heart_eyes::sunglasses::joy:

Hi David,

Nice App UI…!

How did you use Next button for loading next image…?
Whats the Block Coding…?