Daily Challenge #62

What’s with my “solution”? Is it really one or just something working on several numbers but not all?


It works. The question is…which answer should I mark as the solution?

I don’t mind about solution. Mark yours, it uses less blocks.

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I would love to see what @Deepanshu_Arya was up to!

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i was too on the same path bur really was not able to figure out the way before you guys, i was also approaching it from matrices and was generalizing the formula for the same
anyways , a nice challenge. Looking forward for more such in future

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I checked it and I know why it’s not working. 1 - 5 is a neg number, and these I haven’t implemented in my code. So that’s my solution, and I hope it works now:

Solution (maybe)

Also, I have 60 blocks, so that’s not a good solution. :grimacing:

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X=7 Y=8 must be 0. 7-8=-1. So still not working


Yeah, this is not a solution.

I just hoped this works but it’s no mathematical and just too long (blocks), so this is just nothin. In future, I will also learn math blocks (from today on).

Thx, @Mateja !

Great challenge that has infected me with curiosity! :innocent:


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