Daily Challenge #78

This is Python.

You have to use

The kode has to be for a list.

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Seems Python is quite different from Java :sweat_smile:
I will have to start learning it soon :wink:

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Did you see my entire post?
Btw, it is not needed to use list unless you required…

Yes, I know you have another solution, mate! I just remembered you that you don’t need a version without lists.

Btw, someone checked my solution yet? has it bugs? I’m sure it has. Sry for that, but I cannot test now. Am soo sorry… :disappointed:

Rule 1 of every internet forum.

Did I something wrong? Off-topic

Yours has a big problem, add join with seperator in the result or else it might return more then one digits.

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nope, it will return the list item with the given input index, so it can’t be two or more list items.

I think

Isn’t that you say

Please right-click > Export blocks as PNG

I cannot. Bc of my browser I am using. pls understand… am very sorry for this.

Imagine after 9, next item will be 10, which is wrong, next item should be 1 and the 11th will be 0

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Which browser are you using? :thinking:

Are using mobile browser?

I am using a laptop whose spacebar is not working :joy:

Well, just try to import this one:

I am using Tor bc of some reasons

I think he is using a mobile phone so it’s hard to right click??
Oh yes I forgot about that

That’s a white pic.

No I’m not. I have no phone.

Yes, I know. This is the issue. Try to import it to creator. Maybe it does work?