Daily challenge #85

no i shouldn’t as i say


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NOw, see, I have another solution and it needs the space / it will always contain the space, so you don’t have to remove the spaces before a full stop :joy:

Here is it, yould you again test it?

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That’s why I asked.

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I don’t need to test. There are a few error I spot.
First in select list item list, I believe that you want to set to splittedwords variable
Secondly, it would return this error
That’s a minor mistake.

Thirdly, why


and tips, use split at spaces instead of split, it saves blocks :joy:

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Bc my new solution


Yes, I edit it now. I am soo :woozy_face:

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However, it didn’t work. :neutral_face: :sweat_smile:

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An btw, it won;t work with set items, use replace list item!

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Oh. Ok. Well, here is the latest version with 36 blocks:

Btw am i the only person who is trying to solve this DC? :sweat_smile:

Yes :pleading_face: :crazy_face:

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No worries, I bet the others will try it too…

still having errors, think of another index in list.

The last, last version:
I hope it’s correct now else someone will be :rage: and flag all my posts… :sweat_smile:

If it works I would be so happy… :grin:

Very nice DC though @WatermelonIce :grin: :clap: :love_you_gesture:

Btw it’s having 36 blocks now.


Nice, the best answer so far (actually better than mine, because I can’t do without the space when there is a full stop)

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