Dangerous Extension Error: fake extension "bruhtools" detected

Why are you using too many extension in your app.?

Progressbar component is available in kodular…& Sidebar is also available…

they are required to run this app.

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Ok but the component are already available then why are you using those extension…

Which extension is this? We check for a list of extensions that may cause issue and be dangerous.


not mention in errror sir

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What extension is “bruhtools”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can’t recognize BruhTools! What does this extension do?

Edit: sorry to @yanquisalexander , I had not noticed your reply.


Me neither

@Taifun Is it any extension of yours? Has your icon

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@wowdod30 I suggest you create a new project, add an extension from the list you’ve shown us, try to compile, and then repeat.
That way, you will know which extension is dangerous.


there doesn’t exist a bruhtools extension like that
where did you get it from? any download link?
it is you who is responsible to download and use only trustworthy extensions…

all my extensions can be downloaded on my website App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps exclusively, so if you download an extension with my icon from somewhere else, then if I were you I wouldn’t use it… you have to use your own common sense

@wowdod30 so where did you get it from?



Don’t know anything about that extension however, that specific error can be reproduced even if you don’t have dangerous extensions or any extension at all


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to minimize the app comission

Oooh Ok… So you found the solution or Not…

so, can you provide the link of aix to admins(Personal Message), it will be so nice of you :slightly_smiling_face:

How do you do that?

@wowdod30 the community is still waiting for an answer from you…
where did you get that extension from?



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