Data Disappearing between screens

Hi All

I’m trying to code a check list app but when I switch from screen 1 and then back again my data seems to disappear

Images of blocks attached

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I should close screen 2, and not go to 1 in that way

It should not be like this.
Can you show or tell exactly what is happening?

Anyway close current screen and then open another screen.It should work.


How do I close a screen and then open another one?


You can learn to switch between screens by this guide:

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Hi All

So, I’ve changed the way screen change and the issue still remains.

I think the problem is the way I’m saving the list data - any ideas?

New Screen shots attached


Thanks Again

So once again I forget to mention that in @Mika guide there is a small error.
If you are opening another screen and then close screen then it will close newly opened screen.
You have to close current screen then open new screen.

Hi (again)

Here us what is happening

I enter some category names, and the list populates nicely
I then ‘TAP’ a category to take me to the new screen
I ‘TAP’ the ‘Back to Categories’ button to go back to the other screen
My list now only contains 1 entry

I’m stuck…:confused:

I’ve attached the aia file.


CheckList.aia (75.6 KB)

Check if this :point_down: aia works for you as you want and let me know. :+1: :slight_smile:

CheckList.aia (75.6 KB)


I’ve tried it but get the following error as soon as it runs - see image