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Hello hope you are all doing well! So I am trying to send some data (Longitude & Latitude) from my app to google spreadsheets.The correct format that these data must be sent looks like this : 34.65623
When a user inputs long&lat these are being sent to a google spreadsheets file where for some reason they are displayed like this :

Which causes problem as you can imagine, when trying to use these coordinates to display a marker in the app.
I have also formated index 2& 3 to appear as plain text.

Any ideas would be appreciated since I am a beginner with spreadsheets and many functions differ from excel.
Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Check format. Is number set to automatic ?

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Set all cell to plain text

//Add this after appendRow

var range = sheet.getRange(2, 1, sheet.getMaxRows(), sheet.getMaxColumns());

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I had it set to plain text , then I tried automatic but the problem remained.

Do you use a script in order to post data to spreadsheet ?

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Yes, here it is :

I dit it , but the results are the same.

Try to clear format and see what happens, mark column B and C

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  • remove the format instructions from the script
  • set locale of spreadsheet to en
  • set all columns in sheet to automatic
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Ok, I tried again with automatic and figured the mistake. Formatting the whole columns led to changing the old info in the wrong way. As I understand I should have formatted the columns to automatic from the beginning. Anyways ,thanks for all the help everyone!

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So I created a new sheet and formatted column B & C to automatic from the beginning.And still had the same problem. When sending the data from the app like this: 79.68964
7968964 formats it to this : 7.968.964
Also I should mention that when I click again on the formatted cell to check what format it uses it does not have anything selected even if I had set it to automatic from the beginning.

Go to file → Spreadsheet Settings and change Locale to United States


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Managed to do it! Thanks! :slight_smile:


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