Data from Firebase is shown randomly and not in order?

i have get value from firebase me also facing same issue.

please kindly tell me how can i solve. thanks

Show us your blocks

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As @Hadi_Editz said and many many times said in community by others that don’t share just error share full details so that some one can find issue so please share blocks

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And also fb structure

fb structure means?

How you saving data in firebase or show firebase screenshot

You are showing tags in list instead of value,

i know that i showing tags value. but its not showing number wise like > “1,2,3,4,5,6”< its shown randomly you can see of my attached pictures.
i want to show my tag value data . 1,2,3,4,5,6 not randomly.

it will not show it number wise, i also have tried it in my project before, and it shows randomly i dont know why,

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you can create your own method to show in list, like if your list length is 6 then add items to list episode 1, episode2, etc, try like this,




list length is not equal. some episode page 6, 29, 37, .
can i use length form 1 to 50. its shown to list wise.?
but page list length is random. like some page 6, some episode page is 30+.

and tag shown to colintreelistview not in listview.
listview working fine. colintreelistview shown data randomly.

thats why i have used length of list, check that

for colintree we need to do many changes, for example what you will show in icon and subtitle?

only #Tag value . like >
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4 <
not randomly. no need icon or subtitle

then use this,





Your method will show a blank image and empty subtitle.
@funnyv200 method is quite correct.

For sorting list we can use ListUtils extension.

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And @funnyv200 please don’t hijack topics.
This topic is related to Airtable and Colin Tree List View and you are asking question related to Firebase

This can led to various actions

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