Data not appearing on airtable

am trying to uploaded data on airtable but is unable to see them despite seeing the numbers on the row counting meaning the keys are correct but cant see the data on the table kindly anyone with some knowledge please take a look at my blocks and advice accordingly. thanks in advance

If I am not wrong then you make mistake in your api key or api base. Check that

Are you sending images to airtable? Is it possible? , I think it is not possible. You can upload to firebase storage or cloudina place and URL only can be host on airtable.

I don’t think its the case because any time i test i see numbers counting indicating that there key and ID is correct and there is a record being created but cant see the data

Hi SankaR i have tried this still not working kindly cross check if the blocks are ok and advice accordingly Thanks in advance

Pls verify the sending details(all the text fields text) contains valid text. Try to display it in a label to cross verify it they add to create block to upload

@Eeugene It would be nice if you also post a spreadsheet screenshot
AFAIK, the problem may in your spellings you should also check the spelling of your columns with your blocks


I believe first if statement is wrong

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Hi dora
I had initially set button 2 to call camera 1 and get the image then send it to air table kindly advice on a better way to do so

First if statement see how it works.


You can set like thisScreenshot (128)

Cool Let me give it a try

i think you should recheck your api key and api token may be that is the problem!

You have to use Button2 image(instead of image use text) is equal to not empty textbox field,i think. Correct me if i am wrong. Because you are going to upload the url obtained from cloudinary path.

Also you can try to use the same for all picture blocks. You are going to upload only url to airtable so better check whether that fileds contains text or url. If it contains then app will create record in airtable.

Also in all the picture block you are getting text only and not image after uploading the picture to cloudinary. So that will be problem for you i think

why check the text_box2.Text 3 times?
and please use the “AND” block in LOGIC, no need for so many IF…THEN…

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