Data not going in airtable

All the info like API, base id and table name is correct but still data is not going in airtable.
Here is the blog

In Airtable Make sure you don’t have a blank space at the end. Delete the entire row which is blank

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Something similar happened to me, the problem occurs when the data is loaded in Airtable and missing data from a row. For example, if the table has seven spaces per row to enter data and only load six, Airtable will not take the data. So you have to upload all the data in the whole row. In my case this worked for me.


yes thats true, no field have to be empyt, if one field is empty you get nothing back, i put in a emoty field a ?, so you can work with that, if field= ? than do that else do…
In airtable and cloutstich all fields have to be filled or you get no data back.