Database SQLite - read and write data

Hi. I am a beginner programmer for the Android platform. I know the basics of SQL and I can use it in programs written for the Windows platform. Unfortunately I can’t do this in the Kodular wizard. I would like to display the result of an SQL query in a text box or display in a list. In the future, I would like to save the values from the text boxes to the database.
I attach 3 pictures. 1-list view (the program does not display anything), 2-text box view (does not display anything), 3-database view.
blocks blocks2

Please, give me a hint what I’m doing wrong?

Query will be
SELECT ‘lmie’ FROM ‘Users’ WHERE ‘Id’ = 1

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I also tried by the way and it also doesn’t work. It seems to me that the SQL question is only correct in the program code I have an error.

Did you get correct sql database path
I think you need to call open database check there is block for open database or load database

see the documentation SQLite - Kodular Docs

Raw Query

Executes the provided rawQuery Statement asynchronously. Returns a YailList with the selected data and number of records in the AfterQuery Event. Parameter: 1) String sql. 2) YailList selectionArgs: List with the arguments that will replace ‘?’ in where clause in the query, to prevent SQL injections

I read the documentation a few days ago. I have been trying to fix the error for two days but unfortunately I don’t get it right :-(. Kodular documentation is well written but unfortunately there are no tutorials or examples on the Internet. I am looking for and trying to learn it.

it seems to be, you have forgotten to search in the community…


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