Date format not always working

For my app I am trying to timestamp each submission and while creating my webhook post (using integromat) I’m grabbing the current date with the call clock now function and formatting it to using call Clock.Format Date Time.

blocks (4)

But sometimes when I export the APK and run it I get something like 43818.46597 as an entry. Am I doing something wrong? Everything else submits properly, and this block does work most of the time.

Hard to tell, given that we don’t know what else you may do with whatever it is you saved that list in, and how you are extracting it so that you can see what you get.

By the way, why a list? Wouldn’t it make more sense to save that as a string “Date: 12/19/2019 11:55 AM” instead of two components in a list?

The list is part of a webhook post that is being submitted with quite a bit more data.

Data is being submitted as a list of 2 item lists (Key and Data) and being formatted using the above blocks. this works very well to submit to an integromat custom webhook so I can filter out the data and put it where it needs to go. Should I put the date in a string and the string in the list instead?

If the date is just a time stamp, as opposed to being something that you need tagging with, perhaps.

The point is that there is sometime weird formatting taking place in the system, if the application is unable to determine the nature of the value stored. Formatting as a text may enforce stability in recognizing it for what it is. How often did this garbling of the date occurs? 1% of the time? 10% of the time?

I’d have to check, but it’s a lower percentage. I’ll try formatting the date as text first and see if that does the trick.

Actually, it may be interesting to have both format for a while, and see if there is a pattern emerging. Perhaps some very specific time or date are the ones being unrecognized, as opposed to it being a random event.

It was my own lack of digging into everything. From what I could tell it wasn’t Kodular doing anything wrong. It submitted the right info and then integromat was plugging the data into specific google sheets based on some filters I had set up. I think setting the sheet cells to automatic formatting was causing it to sometimes do something stupid and change it to a weird number. When I go back and look at the history of the submissions to the webhook, they all come in how I wanted them to.

When the cell formatting was corrected to show what I was submitting, all the numbers dates corrected right along with it.

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