DateTools: Bad Arguments or Not Working

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When I press the Button 2 it calls the DateTools to get the Online Date & Time and when it success, then it will set the Label1 to the response but its showing a different numbers, and I don’t know what is it, the one thing Im sure is its not a Date, Time, or Year.
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In this Method 2 it’s working but after it show the date and time, it’s showing a Error of “BAD ARGUMENTS” and I don’t know how to fix it.

Have you read description in DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time , response is in milliseconds

Also the format you use is strange dd/HH/mm - date/hours/minutes. Are you sure that the errors comes from specific blocks or you have errors in other parts of your code?

even if I change, can you please show me the correct blocks for getting Date only using Date Tools?

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What if I only need the Date? without Month and year?

Simply use dd

ok ill test it

it says " The operation EpochToDate cannot accept the arguments: , [“ Poll timed out”], [“dd”]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds. "

Network issues , you are not getting time from server

alright, thank you

How to fix it? the error keeps showing even after I export it, and I tried it on Different Devices from my Friends on different locations but it keeps showing the error

Maybe like this …?

I’ll try to do it

It’s showing a Dialog showing the Error

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Ill try it. Thank You! Btw, Am I able to preview an image from Firebase Storage? (without downloading an image)

Make sure you are using latest version of extension.

idk if it was the latest version because I just click the first download link on your Post

Simply click on info and see

yes, I got a 6.1 Version