DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time

Can be done using Clock.

What about its format?

Month/Date/Year hour:minute:seconds

Hi, I am getting this error when I call getonlinedatetime on android 7 (Lenovo P2 stock rom).

The operation Duration cannot accept the arguments: , [“java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘int’ on a null object reference”], [1699597457636]

If I disable getonlinedatetime block, I am not getting the error.

I am just calling “check_network” procedure when screen1 initializes. (I have only one screen.)


I have no error on Samsung s22’s android 13.
Min SDK Level of the project is android 5.0 (API21).
What can be the problem?

Show your blocks.

I added blocks to original post. thanks for your quick reply.

Test your app here and then posts the logs.

I tested on nexus 5 Android 7.1 which is more similar to lenovo p2. but it seems to work properly. Logs are here:
2023-11-11 14-38-12 debug log.txt (210.2 KB)

So issue might be device specific?
Make sure you are using latest version of extension.

I think, the problem may only occur with kodular companion on older android sdk’s.
But it is a old phone and it already has latest version which is android 7.0.
As I said before, online tester of kodular works properly on samsung s22 android 13
What could be causing the problem for that error? And can I take precautions against this error on blocks side?

I missed to write latest version of extension in my previous post.

However, I would need logs of your android 7 to check what’s going wrong.

How can I collect logs from my phone? Is there a tutorial for that?

Fortunately yes.

Logs are here:(only errors)
logcat_p2.txt (277.4 KB)
Thank you very much for your great interest.

edit: I am also adding full log:
logcat_p2_full.txt (779.7 KB)

Ok, I have found the issue.
Strange it appears only on few devices.

Hello, I’m trying to use this extension, but it’s not working. The extension has been added, but I can’t find the blocks. I have another question: can this extension take the timestamp automatically even if the user makes a mistake with the time?

Did you drag the extension to the working space? You might want to provide a screenshot…

To get a timestamp, just use the Now method from the Clock component


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Get online datetime in this case.

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thanks for reply
The extension only works if the phone is connected to the internet. Is there a method to obtain the exact date and time even if there is no internet connection, or at least detect if the user has set the automatic time zone setting?