DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time

Be sure to check that internet connection is on.
Also can you send me a demo apk?

i cant sent u demo cause itc crash after open if i remove this extension apk not crash

Yes I found it.
There is a bug in DateTools.

i hope fixed soon

I want to add (+) 10Day this setup of date DD/MM/YYYY how can I do that?
and when I countdown 1 Extension, I want to get difference between 2 date in weeks and also days like 2week and 1day like way? when I use that extension i can get only week not sense about day I want correct It what should I do above 2

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ChangeLog Version 5


  • Removed DateFormat property

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in GetOnlineDateTime block
    Thanks to @kitavalf

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This is an excellent extension, however the created app has flaws and does not open, although in Companion it works very well. I tried with both download sources in case one is not up to date, but the result was the same. I just need to remove the extension of the project and the created app opens normally. A pity, as I still have difficulty getting data online. But, anyway, I appreciate the effort for creating the extension. Thank you.

Hi @Bellini_Rito
Glad you liked it :heart_eyes:
I will try to fix the issue as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Also can you send me an apk having that issue? Either here or in PM.


Can you please specify the problem / bug.

Hi, thanks for your interest. I can’t specify the bug, because the app created, when using the extension, closes when I request the screen where the extension is being used. On that screen, I make a comparison between two dates, with the intention of using a license. I want to use an online date to prevent the user from changing the date on his cellphone and gaining access to the app after the usage deadline. If I remove the extension and compile the project, it works well, but without the functionality of the extension.

Ok thanks. But as it seems to work with Companion it might be a permission issue.

Do you get any error message?

No. There is no error message. I sent the .aia to the extension developer for evaluation. Thank you for your attention. This forum is really made up of people very interested in helping. This is encouraging for learning.


ChangeLog Version6

Bug Fixes


  • Some internal changes

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but in which timezone?

In local timezone.

Thanks man. I really need this extension for creating subscription system


I try to get online date-time
Sometimes this happened :disappointed: but most of the time it’s working fine


That’s because of slow internet connection.Timeout set for NTP server is set 10 sec and if request takes more time than this then it will throw that exception.
You can use ‘is number’ block to check whether response is epoch timestamp or exception.