DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time

I want to store date in firebase

I recommend you to read this guide:

And still you have any query then post here.

This is different topic​:thinking:

bug in difference

this bug is appearing if you select a day in January and then select another day two months or more apart
ps: the snackbar returns the value
in the other months apparently this problem does not appear

Hi @thiagofernandes055
Thanks for letting me know.
Does it throws any runtime error ?

P.S. Are you able to get difference using Clock?

Best extension dude… every time I use web component to get the current date & time…I have an idea for you… If you can add countdown option if it’s possible @vknow360


Sorry but can you explain what is countdown?

Mean if there is 30 sec countdown then when after every sec it goes down like 29,28 , 27 etc…
Or if there is 10 day difference between 2 dates then as I am going near to the second the difference will goes like 8 days 12 hours 10 min & 5 sec remain…

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It can be easily done using Clock component.

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Oh ya but I only suggest you that features for your extension… @vknow360

by the way thank you for giving response on my suggestions…


When possible, is much better if you create your functions in procedures rather than depending on third party extensions. What happens if you develop an app and later you find out the extension has bugs? You will have to depend on the developer to fix it for you to have a working app again. The developer may fix it right away or you may never find him/her again, like it happened with some orphaned extensions.
Or you want to customize your results? Or the extension is not compatible with another extension you need to have in your app? There’s many scenarios where making your own procedures makes more sense, like I said WHEN IT IS POSSIBLE. I know some things are not possible with blocks or they are too slow and that’s when extensions should be implemented.
I’m not trying to put down this extension, but to get a difference in between 2 dates it’s very easy with the current blocks, you just have to think a little what blocks to use. That is a good thing, you know? THINKING!
Aren’t we telling the users all the time “WHAT HAVE YOU TRIED?” or “TRY SOMETHING FIRST AND THEN WE WILL HELP YOU”.
How are we expecting them to learn and try something if all we do is give them everything done with an extension that does basically 1+1?
Lately I’ve seen a lot of users asking “Hey, can someone give me an extension to blah, blah, blah” when blah is perfectly done with blocks. Let’s not be lazy please, throw some blocks and see what happens! Blocks don’t bite!! :wink:


We need an extension to the community to read us the long posts please!!! :joy::rofl:


Thank you

I agre with you.It is possible to get duration or difference using clock from two instants.
DateTools and Clock both uses Date and Calendar classes so if there is a bug in DateTools then it should be also in clock component. That’s why I asked @thiagofernandes055 that he is able to do same thing using clock or not.
I admit that something is wrong in my code as well as in Java.

And here are some reasons for making extensions (not my personal opinion) i.e. why an extension developer makes an extension :
2.Learning and understanding(newbie like me)

At last I would like to say…
Extension developers and App developers are incomplete without each other.They are fully dependent and not dependent on each other.Everyone has its unique and important place in this universe.

Thank you for reading :grin:

P.s. I have posted this without using Google translate so there can be many mistakes as my English is weak so if you find any mistake then forgive me.Thanks


I love extensions, don’t get me wrong. It is one of the most important milestones in App Inventor and its clones. This extension you made for dates has some really useful blocks.
My opinion is that we as experienced users should encourage new users to use the available built in blocks more often, to help them learn how to come up with their own solutions and see the logic in coding.


I don’t know that you love extensions or not but I love to read your posts.
And everytime I am totally agree with you.
We should encourage new users to use their own logic in koding.
Thank you.


Bug has been fixed in Intellij IDEA.
And I will update extension in less than 2 days.
Sorry for delay.

Who knows what will be new in next version!


Updated or not

Not yet.
The bug has been fixed but I am trying to add new features.

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Updated extension and the bug has gone(if i am not wrong)
Sorry for incomplete documentation


ChangeLog Version 4

New blocks
Just one new block with its event handler:

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Some spelling fixes
  • Replaced some old libraries with new libraries
  • Some other minor changes
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