Dear Experts; How to integrate Facebook SDK on kodular app?

Dear Experts;

How to integrate Facebook SDK on kodular app ??

Why do you want to do that?!?
Just Use the component and all is done…

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You have tp learn Java in a deeper way as Hello world and to display a Picture. If you are not a developer it is waste of time to think of that or look for that in google.

But ads not showing.facebook show this Check

Just Use the Facebook component and place there your placement id.

I’ll do same but ads not showing please help

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Facebook component is working …so please check ur blocks.

facebook ads are working fine. just cross check your blocks.
and add payment details in facebook payouts.
this may help you

I also put all details but not showing ads

check whether ur blocks are correct

and main thing put ur banner ads in same app which u have approved in facebook.
it should be of same package name

i"ll Do same but not working

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its Not Working Now
On Date 16-Feb-2019 Check and Give Solution If You Know.


@kishansangani00k did you time travel or what??
Its just 17-Feb-2019 today


Publish the app to the playstore and apply for the review…

You’ll find ads playing after the facebook team reviewing your app.

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I Cant Complete This Step After All Things Done Like Login With Own Facebook Account in Mobile App I Seen Ads In My Device.
But I Think Ads Show After Publish App Or Not?

Firstly publish your app to play store. Do worry about Integrate SDK option it will auto verify when your app is open which is downloaded from play store…