Debugging Extension to make debugging more specific and thus easier?

Guys, is there a debugging extension that can make debugging in Kodular more specific and easier to find like what this guy is suggesting/doing in his thesis? Check it out:

This would make debugging so much less painful and time consuming. Why hasn’t any AI2 franchise done this already?

There are 65 pages. Why don’t you give us the salient points?

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It has a thesis and it has quite a few points but here are some of its suggestions that I really like, plus some of my own suggestions (I can’t post any pictures from the thesis because for some reason, I was suspended the last time I asked a question and posted someone else’s screenshot):

  1. Errors that causes a stop in further execution of the app appears on the error causing block itself “expanded” (if the block is in a collapsed block, it needs to expand too)
  2. "Do it"s on loops produces comments that shows the result of each iteration, not just the last one
  3. “Do it” on a block containing a local variable like “value” or “id”, gives the option to show last few iterations’ values or the very last value in a comment. Instead of just asking for the user to input the value of “id” or “value” to get a do it result
  4. Shift the problematic block to exactly the center of the screen. Searches using ctrl+F should ideally do this too