Declare Storage Permissions in the Manifest

How to use this extension. Please share blocks.Thanks

See above.

Drag it into the Designer. That’s all.

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What about Android 11 it’s not working on it.

Shouldn’t we use blocks ? Ask permission?

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I am unable to get you. Please can you share the blocks on designer?

There is only one block:


What is not working?
On Android 11+ WRITE permission does no longer exist and therefore it cannot be granted on Android 11.

Is it only necessary to insert the extension? Don’t need to modify anything in the blocks?


There is nothing to modify!
As I said, there is only 1 block (and this helps to get the API of the device).

I inserted the extension in my project, but the bug continues, I can’t download it through the apk.

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Wondering how you defined android:maxSdkVersion="29" considering there’s no annotation member for this in App Inventor.

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Not working. Still The same issue

Post the APK.

WRITE is still declared only up to API 29 (Android 10).

Read my answers carefully

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Now whats the solution?

See e.g. here:

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No solution even after this update

The bugs regarding WRITE permission on Android 11+ has not been fixed with the Fenix 1.5.6 update.

This has nothing to do with my extension.