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(Deep Host) #1

I have created an extension through which you can show the count of number of notifications in your application


Extensions - yt.deephost.Badges.aix (18.5 KB)

Project AIA FIle - Add_Icon.aia (19.5 KB)

For More Tutorial Videos -

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(Nathan) #2

I’m just noticing this is free… GIMME GIMME

(Shama's App In ) #3

bhai main tere youtube channel sae
maine ek logic develop kiya hai wo kaam kar raha tha but jab school sae ghar aaya and then jab app use kiya tab kaam karna band kar diya phir bahut try kiya but nahi ho raha can u help me plz reply

(Luca) #4

is this working on production?


Why not use our built-in Shortcut Badge component which offers the same functionality?

(Nathan) #6

Wasn’t this donated from DeepHost?

(Luca) #7

That is what I will do on my next project that will be built in Kodular
For now I need to use a badge extension to a project of mine in another dying platform…
I just need to finalize that specific project before leaving that platform and start creating my new projects here…