Deephost recyclerview extention Issue

I was using recycler grid view extention and when i try to load more at last the load became try to load list 12 out of 11 but when i correct the load more number it get fixed now what i need is to load with out change load more number because my app has upload feature when user try to upload the list became changed the error came again please help

We can do nothing about it. Deephost doesn’t reply to emails. I suggest not working with him.


You can send him a mail maybe he will reply.
He replied one of my mail before.

Thank You for your reply, but is there any way to do this kind of Project?

U can use concept of recycleeview by @creator 24 by using blocks its a paid aia file

You have to upload two post at the time because deep host extension showing posts in two by two system

Thank you for your help, Is there any way to hide or disable the error message ?

Change load more value to minimum such as 1 in designer section or you can use other method to stop loading at end of list.

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