Define the triangle by the max side

I´m want to discover what triangle is with e side´s. The user enter 3 values (Side A, Side B and Side C) and I use this calc to determine if is rectangle, obtuse angle or acute angle:
IF MAX_SIDE2 > ANY_SYDE2 + OTHER_SIDE2 the triangle is obtuse angle
2 = ANY_SYDE2 + OTHER_SIDE2 the triangle is rectangle
ELSE IF MAX_SIDE2 < ANY_SYDE2 + OTHER_SIDE**2 the triangle is acute angle

I can determine de value of the Max_Side, but this calcs above never work fine. Follow my blocks for this. Only shows the obtuse angle. To show rectangle I need to fill the textboxes with the max_side at the Side A. So, works. But if I select B or C, not work. Can help me? Thaks a lot.

Global major is not always third side. When given 3 triangle sides, to determine if the triangle is acute, right or obtuse you should

  • Square all 3 sides.
  • Sum the squares of the 2 shortest sides.
  • Compare this sum to the square of the 3rd side.
  • if sum > (3rd side)2 Acute Triangle
  • if sum = (3rd side)2 Right Triangle
  • if sum < (3rd side)2 Obtuse Triangle

Also you must also consider if the 3 sides can even form a triangle or not using the triangle inequality theorem

You can use a procedure, for example

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